The principal objectives of the firm are to cultivate a communicating culture in schools, enhance the communications capacity of school leaders, build stronger community ties to education, and develop sustainable public relations/communications programs for school districts.

Summary of services performed by the firm since 1996

  • Communications audits and needs assessments conducted in over 40 school districts.
  • Communications, public awareness and marketing plans developed in over 50 school districts.
  • Writing and designing community newsletters, annual reports, staff bulletins, e-newsletters, brochures, and video projects for 50 districts.
  • Crisis communications counseling and assistance in labor negotiations, personnel actions, campus crime situations, natural disasters, district unification or attendance boundary disputes, and facilities bond elections. Mr. DeLapp served as communications advisor for the Jefferson County Public School Schools during the Columbine HS tragedy.
  • The firm has assisted dozens of school districts deal with other high profile public education controversies.
  • Retainer services as the contract public information officer for 20 school districts.
  • Mr. DeLapp has served as spokesperson and communications strategist for during six teacher strikes, and as communication advisor for dozens of school districts in negotiations and impasse with employee unions.
  • Over 1,000 training workshops and presentations to district leadership teams and staff on media relations, community relations, public engagement, communications planning, confrontation & crisis management, marketing, customer service, and academic standards, assessment, student performance and accountability. Since 1989, over 50,000 educators in the United States and Canada have attended Mr. DeLapp’s speeches, seminars and training programs.