Getting Past the Loudest Voice in the Room:

Dealing with Difficult People & Interest Groups

Workshop Description:

One of the biggest communication challenges facing school leaders is to make sure they get past the gatekeepers to their constituencies and aren’t ruled by the loudest voice in the room when making decisions or taking actions. There is no question that today’s customers are much more demanding and inclined to make end runs around the chain of command to get their way. In your face behavior and a lack of civility in public discourse are increasingly the tools employed by dominating personality types. In this workshop, attendees will learn practical techniques and tactics for diffusing situations and dealing with difficult people and groups whether they are at school sites or district offices. Attendees will learn how to handle these types of people-

  • Hostile Aggressives (Snipers, Sherman Tanks and Exploders)
  • Bullies and passive Aggressives
  • Know-it-all experts
  • Complainers
  • Silent Un-responsives
  • Negativists
  • Super Agreeables
  • Indecisives

This workshop also contains valuable training in active listening, one of the greatest tools in customer service and decision making. This session is particularly useful for front office personnel, receptionists, principals and managers who deal regularly with parents and the public.