Monitoring & Evaluating Services

Public School Evaluation and Monitoring of Communication Effectiveness

All the PR in the world won’t matter if you don’t have a method to evaluate whether it’s working. You’ve made an investment and you need to measure the return in terms of changed public attitudes, community and staff support, and issue awareness. You wouldn’t teach class without testing whether student learning had occurred. Why should you engage in public relations efforts without gauging whether they’ve had an impact? We can help you measure your effectiveness by –

  • Developing survey instruments and questionnaires on topics, issues and general customer satisfaction among staff, students, parents, and the┬ápublic
  • Administering and analyzing mail, telephone, or online opinion polls and satisfaction surveys
  • Conducting focus groups and study circles to gather community input
  • Reviewing publications and conducting readership surveys
  • Analyzing employee performance and task alignment with strategic plans and job descriptions