Communicating From the Inside Out:

Improving Employee Communication & Morale

Workshop Description:

If your employees aren’t sold on your schools then they can’t sell anyone else. Our studies of communication effectiveness in schools proves time and again that communicating with employees first is critical in almost every situation. The average employee who is unhappy or under-informed feels disconnected from their employer and is much more likely to voice their criticisms to others. Employees can be powerful communicators for your schools. In this workshop, proven techniques for keeping employees in the loop will be presented. Topics covered include –

  • The Credibility Index in schools
  • Managers and principals: the communication bridge builders
  • Designing effective employee bulletins, e-newsletters, intranets, and resources
  • Engaging employees in shared decision-making and shared accountability
  • Harnessing key communicators and rumor mills
  • Beyond coffee mugs: awards and recognition programs that build loyalty
  • Working with union leaders on joint communications and leadership teams

This workshop is aimed at managers and site administrators who are the first line of communication with school staff. They set the tone and reinforce the values of the organization in the way they practice communication.