School Reputation Management:

Marketing Schools in an Era of Choice

Workshop Description:

What is the reputation of your school, district or organization? Do you know how you are perceived? Why should I enroll my kids in your schools? If parents had the funding and a choice would they pick your schools?

This workshop is designed for school leaders to address these issues. Attendees will look at how schools need to brand themselves and develop an awareness/marketing strategic plan that advances their reputation in the community. More than just publishing a community newsletter or district report card, your plan must integrate a range of vehicles to build awareness among stakeholders, opinion leaders, and segments of your community.

Attendees will learn how to develop and implement their own market plans that define their school district’s reputation. Topics include –

  • Conducting market research; knowing what you know and what you need to know
  • Understanding who your customers are and that staff are a “critical customer” of their own school districts
  • Creating indicators of success and assembling a database of success
  • “Branding” your schools in the minds of the public, creating your identity
  • Defining the elements of an effective communications/marketing plan
  • Mapping community connections with opinion leaders, interest groups, segments and stakeholders
  • Developing key messages that “resonate” with target audiences

Marketing techniques and strategies that work