Communications Walk

Take a Communications Walk Through Your School

The real estate industry uses the term “curb appeal” to describe whether a house is inviting to a prospective buyer. ¬†What is the “curb appeal” of your schools? Do the grounds and office environment of your school sites or district office communicate a lot of unintended messages about your public schools?
Most citizens in a community are not parents of school-aged children so they don’t have direct contact with their neighborhood schools. They often form “drive by impressions” without knowing much about what is going on inside the classrooms. Does the physical environment of your school or district office instill confidence in parents and non-parents that a quality education is being delivered to the students in your community?
If people had a choice would they send their children to your school or enroll in your district on the basis of how well your facilities communicate your key messages? Do your buildings “speak for themselves” as an environment that is welcoming and customer friendly?
Using this informative 12-minute video and checklist, take a walk through your school or office looking at it through the eyes of your customers and see if it sends the right message. Use this rule of thumb: If a community leader walked around the school or office when no one was there what would they be able to tell you about your school the next day? Would it be accurate, and would it be the key messages you want your community to know?

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The DVD is playable in a computer equipped with DVD ROM or on a standard DVD player.
The accompanying CD ROM contains a checklist to help you conduct your own
Communications Walk.