Dollars & Sense:

Building Support for Your School Budget in Tough Fiscal Times

Workshop Description:

One of the greatest challenges to a district’s credibility is when employees, parents or the public question the integrity or accuracy of the district’s budget. During labor negotiations, unions frequently attack budget figures, assumptions, and processes. Interest groups want their slice of the pie without understanding the implications of their request to the whole financial picture of the district. In these tough financial times, with tremendous pressure to demonstrate accountability, school management teams must be able to reliably and convincingly present the district’s revenues and expenditures in terms the average person can understand. School finance is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be Greek to everyone but the budget manager. In this workshop, Tom DeLapp will walk through some common sense ways to present your budget, policies and financial priorities to your publics.

Topics include –

  • Creating a clearinghouse of reliable comparative information
  • Describing the process of budget building to the lay person
  • Listening to your community about priorities and concerns
  • Presenting the budget in a user-friendly format
  • Charts, graphs, tables and technical data made simple
  • Connecting the budget to strategic plans and board policy making
  • Setting the financial stage for employee negotiations

Making the budget a public awareness tool for staff and parents