Managing Your Media Message:

Proven Techniques to Level the News Playing Field

Workshop Description:

Educators tend to view the news media as either a bothersome intrusion or an outright obstacle in their work. Most people in your community make up their minds about public schools by what they read in newspapers or hear on TV or radio. Since only 25% of the adults in your community are parents of school-aged children, they often make decisions about education based on stereotypes or misinformation perpetuated in the press. In this workshop, attendees will be given the complete course on how to manage messages through the news media and be effective spokespersons for their schools. The workshops covers –

  • Understanding today’s media environment
  • Profile of the average education reporter and how stories go together
  • What makes news and how to be proactive and reactive with success
  • Diagnosing the interview process
  • Understanding the “new media” and how talk shows, tabloids and the Internet have changed reporting
  • Watching for “question quicksand”
  • Shaping quotes that are memorable and newsworthy
  • Handling media access/interview requests, knowing your rights & theirs
  • Tactics and strategies for handling common situations in schools that attract media attention
  • Tips for handling media relations in a crisis or emergency
  • Creating a media relations strategy and plan

This is a hands-on session that involves spokesperson training for on-camera interviews and allows attendees to respond to actual scenarios based on real situations in public schools.