Where Did the Time Go!?

Time management tips for school leaders

Workshop Description:

School administrators have a lot of demands on their time these days. But many are frustrated that they don’t seem to have enough time in the day to finish everything. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to gain control of your time by treating it as an asset and an investment.

Key topics we will cover include –

  • Identifying common time bandits and time vampires
  • Going beyond “to do” list to spend your time strategically
  • Diagnosing time leakage in your day with a time audit
  • Dealing with the top 20 time wasters that can plague your workday
  • Structuring your time efficiently and effectively
  • Taking control of telephones, e-mail, PDAs, meetings and drive-by interruptions

This workshop is designed for school administrators, principals managers, who value their time, but don’t know exactly how to best to maximize the time to get their jobs done well. Reduce your stress, increase your productivity and find the time to lead your schools in very tough times!