Debunking Myths & Slaughtering Sacred Cows

Workshop Description:

We are educating in California’s public schools the most culturally, socially, and economically diverse society in the history of the world. For that we ought to have the undying gratitude of our communities. But it often doesn’t feel that way to educators. Under funded and misunderstood with mounting pressure to produce results, public schools are facing a test of epic proportions.

Since 1983, when A Nation at Risk was released, education bashing has become a national fixation. The rhetoric of failure during the 1980s launched an era of reform that became the era of accountability in the late 1990s. It has become politically correct to assume that public schools are failing. But are they and by what standard?

Using national trend data and the voices of numerous educational pundits, Tom DeLapp explores the myths and realities about school performance. This uplifting, affirming and humorous address debunks some of the common myths and challenges some of the sacrosanct assumptions of educators. The key is to get people inside of our “apple” so they can see what we’re really accomplishing and where we desperately need their help.

This keynote address, aimed at all school employees and parent/ community leaders, makes for an excellent back-to-school or in-service presentation.